Integrated Flavours Pre-Packaged Grains with oatmeal 五谷香伴燕麦片混合装包括三种口味

Grains with oatmeal 五谷香伴燕麦片 Mango Flavor, Raisins, Apple Flavor 芒果味, 提子味, 苹果味 A healthy oat meal of all three flavours Each Box has 30 packets 每盒有30个包 Each packet weighs 20g 每包内容重25克 Contains Oatmeal, Cereals, Dried Grapes / Mango / Apple, Malt, Milk Powder, Dried Peaches, Walnut, Carrot, Corn, Black Rice, Black Sesame 含有燕麦片,麦片, 提子干, 麦芽糊精,奶粉,弥胡桃粒,胡萝卜粒,熟化玉米,熟化黑米,熟化黑芝麻

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